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Social media marketing is a great way to launch a branding strategy since you can easily communicate with your audience. Go over this article to learn more about social media marketing and branding.

Take the time to personalize your social networking profiles. If you join more than one site, make sure your profiles are similar in their design and content so your brand is easily recognizable. Use the name of your brand when creating your profiles, and upload a picture of your logo as a profile picture. You should also use pictures of your products if you can upload additional images to your profile. Do not forget to add a short description of your products and brand as well as a link to your main website.

The social networks you choose to join will influence the image you create for your brand. You can easily create an image your customers can relate to by joining the social networks they use. It is true that Facebook and Twitter are more popular than other networks but your target audience might prefer other sites, especially if you are selling products to a specific age group or a subculture.

Choose your updates carefully. You can create an ideal image for your brand by sharing promotional images and videos or writing short status updates that reflect the values you want to convey. The content you share should be valuable and informative for your audience, but do not neglect the aesthetics of the content you share or what these images and videos evoke. If you share links to other sites, articles and news stories, make sure this content corresponds to the image you want to convey.

Let your customers to help you with your branding strategy. You should encourage them to share their own content with you, such as status updates about your products, pictures of the products they bought or videos of themselves demonstrating these products. The kind of images and languages your customers use to create this content will give you a better idea of which values are perceiving as positive by your audience. Organize contests to get more content created by your customers, for instance by asking subscribers to tag you in one of their pictures or status for a chance to win a prize.

Use social media to associate your brand with values or celebrities your audience perceives as positive. You should subscribe to the updates shared by certain celebrities or non-profit organizations and share these updates with your audience, for instance by ‘retweeting’ their updates if you use Twitter. If possible, engage with personalities your customers admire and get these people to endorse your products and share your updates on social networks. Do not hesitate to spend money on this strategy if your customers are easily influenced by people they admire.

Use these strategies to develop your branding on social networks. Keep in mind that social networks can be used for other purposes, such as interacting with your audience or generating more sales.

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