How You Can Market Your Company By Using Twitter

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Twitter may be new, but it is already proving to be one of the most essential marketing tools a company can use. It can deliver your company great results even if you can only send one hundred and forty characters per tweet. To really get the most out of marketing on Twitter, follow the tips in the following article.

Right after joining Twitter you have to get some followers. Unless you are already someone famous, people won’t follow you just because you created an account. One way to get followers is to “tweet”. Tweeting is basically the Twitter version of posting except you are limited to just one hundred and forty characters per tweet.

If you tweet interesting things, people will pick up on them and begin retweeting your tweets. A retweet is when someone clicks a button so your tweet can be shown to their followers as well.

You can make all of the interesting tweets you want, but the fact is that they still won’t really be seen unless you know how to make them seen on Twitter. One such way to make your tweets seen is by using the hashtag feature of Twitter. Hashtags are when you put the pound symbol before a word or phrase.

On the side there will be “trending topics” which are basically hashtags that people around the world are talking about a lot at that particular moment. This is how you can use hashtags to your advantage. When you see something trend that you can relate back to your company, send out a tweet that contains the trending hashtag. Then any user on Twitter can click on the trending topic and see a list of tweets.

Yours will be on that list. The list moves fast, though, so don’t expect to get thousands of followers just because you are talking about what is currently trending. This may all sound confusing but once you get the hang of it it’s actually very simple.

Once you can get some people to follow you, be sure to let people know about your company’s existence. Every once in a while you should post a link to your website or your blog so that people can learn more about your company and even turn into new customers.

Another way to get more followers is to entice people with free stuff. You can offer free prizes to Twitter users, but make a stipulation that they must first be following you in order to be eligible for the prize.

Spambots are heavily frowned upon on Twitter, and so are faceless corporations that don’t really bring a personal touch to the website. To make sure that you do not fall into either of these categories, you should make it very clear that an actual person that people can relate to is tweeting from your account.

If you want to market your company on the internet you really should consider Twitter as an option. Use the advice you learned here to make sure you make yourself known on Twitter.

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